Facebook mimics the stages of life

  1. As an infant, you don’t know anything, much like when you first sign up for Facebook.  You are thrust into this unfamiliar world and are reliant on those around you to teach you what you need to know.
  2. Then you enter school and start to learn a few things.  You are still pretty unsure about the (Facebook) world around you but watch the behaviors of others and try to adapt.  You think that everyone is your friend and are pretty willing to join most pages and groups that send you a request.
  3. Once you hit high school, you start to become insecure about your privacy and think the world is out to get you.  You may even set your profile to private and become leery of letting new people into your world.  The (Facebook) world around you is a strange and scary place.  You start to look back at some of your friends and wonder if they are really your friends or just trying to get in your business.
  4. Now that you are in college, you have a slight grasp on what you want out of your (Facebook) life and now feel confident enough to start your own groups and start to invite more people into your world.
  5. After college, you become a professional and decide that you need some space.  It now feels like a good idea to separate your business life (with a fan page or group) from your personal.  It has become clear that Facebook is not the devil, you just need to find some balance in the amount time spent interacting and the number/ type of people that you are interacting with.

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