Political Infidelity: What to do when politicians cheat


It happens like clockwork.  You can almost guarantee that every three to four months there will be a report of a politician committing adultery.  We have almost become desensitized to these “shocking” announcements.  However, these acts of indiscretion may have nothing to do with the office that the politician holds but do the acts speak to the moral cloth of the individual and their ability to perform a public service?

Common Sense Solution:

I can admit that for a while I was torn on this subject.  As I stated above, on the one hand what a person does in their private life should be private; however you have question the deeper issue.  If this person is dishonest in their personal life, can they be relied upon to be more honest in their professional life?

I believe that what happens in your personal life should remain private.  Although there is a correlation between the two worlds, what is done in the dark will come to light.  Holding a private indiscretion over someone’s head is unfair because we all make mistakes.  Our focus with politicians should be much the same as in the corporate environment; as long as you’re performing your assigned duties, it is none of our business.

Personally, I am sick of hearing who is sleeping with who and having these politicians come out with their fake apologies and having the dutiful wives stand by their side mocking support when we know that all hell is breaking loose at home.  I would rather have them come before the people and apologize for bankrupting their state, hiring incompetent workers to create excessive bureaucracies and even for their lack of support for programs that will benefit all of the people versus their corporate donors.

Politicians have enough to apologize for, let’s stop demanding public statements about private matters and start holding them accountable for making wise decisions that are in the best interest of all of our citizens.


One thought on “Political Infidelity: What to do when politicians cheat

  1. I agree with you. I get so tired of hearing about these politicians; I, too, think that one’s personal, private life should be just that.

    I especially like the last paragraph. We need to hold them accountable for making the best decisions for us. Period.


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