Presentation Tip #1: Save the acronyms

Being a professional speaker means that not only do I give a lot of speeches and presentations but I am also invited to attend numerous presentations.  These presentations range in subject matter from health care reform to economic development to developing your Christian ministry.  I always to try learn tips from other presenters that will help me to become a better speaker and presenter.  This series will focus on some best practices that I have picked up along the way.  Pay close attention because they are going to be short and sweet.

Presentation Tip #1: Save the acronyms

Refrain from using acronyms to describe anything when giving a presentation.  It is ok, if you have a handout, to list the name first, acronym in parenthesis and then beginning using the acronym but don’t start off with the acronym and assume that everyone will know what you are talking about.  You may be speaking to a target and/or industry specific audience but what if there is a reporter in the audience or someone not as familiar with your industry.  Don’t take the chance of losing this person because they are not familiar with your industry jargon.


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