Success Secret 25

Last night I realized that I went the entire weekend without logging on to the internet.  This is so unlike me because I am constantly tweeting, posting and blogging but I took a break and I was surprised this morning to not feel like I missed anything.

Success secret #25… sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect.  In the fast paced world of social networking and online research and communication, we are constantly connected to our Smart Phones, laptops and desktops.  However, sometimes you have to unplug from these online forums to spend time in your real world. 

Although it is impossible to catch up on my Twitter or Facebook timeline after two days, the reality is that my life is not dependant on what is happening in other people’s lives.  It is fun to see what my friends are up to at any given moment but I think we have to be careful not to spend so much time online as virtual voyeurs that we neglect establishing real relationships.


What do you think?

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