It’s all about… Angela

Angela Green, Communications Director, Pioneer Electric Cooperative

While working in Greenville AL last year, I noticed a lack of diverse, professional young adults.  My boss, at the time, suggested I go to lunch with Angela Green.  I had no idea how someone with a name like Angela Green was going to help solve my diversity issues. 

We exchanged emails and agreed to meet at Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  Imagine my surprise when this beautiful, young, minority, professional woman entered the restaurant.  We connected because we have quite a bit in common.  Not only are we both professional women but we also have “the switch”.  You know the one that you turn on at work but turn off when you are around your family and friends.  A lot of people have the switch but just haven’t figured out to use.  (Advice: if you don’t know how to use your switch, figure it out… quickly!) 

Anyway, Angie is a real go-getter and I am glad to consider her one of my friends.  She is excelling in the energy industry as the Communications Director at Pioneer Electric and taking care of business with her son on the home front.  Last week she received an award from the Alabama Rural Electric Association for her monthly column, “Thinking Green”, in the Alabama Living magazine.  Please take a minute to check out my friend, Angela Green. 

  • Get LinkedIn with Angela for a snapshot of her professional accomplishments
  • Become friends on Facebook to get a glimpse of the funny lady behind the professional demeanor
  • Join her Facebook group for Happy Hour Talk… this group meets about once a month for a talk show style format which addresses many of the issues that young professionals are faced with and ALL of the proceeds benefit a charity

Thanks again for checking out my friend Angela… don’t forget to check back next week… it could be all about YOU!


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