How to run a good political campaign


During campaign season, it pains my heart to see all of the short cuts that candidates take to try and get elected.  I often get calls for assistance but no one really sees the value in paying a Political Consultant to help with a local campaign.  So… this is my public service for all local candidates.

Common Sense Solution:

  1. Invest in professional products.  Yes, it may be cheaper to do it yourself but remember image is everything.
  2. Make sure you are qualified.  Just because you can and you want to, doesn’t mean you should. 
  3. Remember the little people.  They are ones who will be voting for you and who you will be accountable to.  Don’t get so caught up in the campaigning hoop-la and forget what really matters.
  4. Understand the issues.  Don’t just focus on the job, think about issues that you will need to find solutions for.
  5. Don’t chase your tail or the poll numbers.  It’s one thing to change your position because you attained new information that enlightened you but it is unacceptable to change just because the polls show that your position isn’t popular.
  6. Committment-phobia isn’t always a bad thing.  As an outsider, you don’t have access to all of the information, therefore don’t overly criticize or support a position because once you become more informed, it may be necessary to change your position.
  7. Don’t live on credit.  This isn’t about financial credit but the exchange of support now for favors later.  You don’t want to go into office indebted to anyone.
  8. Value honesty.  Don’t get mad at people that don’t want to support you or that don’t agree with your position.  Listen to their reasons and reflect on whether they are justified and/or if there is some room for improvement.  On the flip side, don’t patronize people and try to make them feel more important to you than you know they are.  That is even worse.

4 thoughts on “How to run a good political campaign

  1. Great post, LaKesha. “Taking shortcuts” definitely isn’t the way to win a political campaign. I often say that the harder it is to do, the better it works in a local election.

    Keep up the good work, I like your blog!


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