Success Secret #24

It has taken me a while to find my place in life and to hit my stride.  I now feel confident that I am living my passion and doing the “thing” that I am supposed to be doing.  However, for a long time I felt like I was going from job to job, living in this city and then that city, volunteering with a million different organizations but never really finding my place.  I felt lost.

A few days ago over lunch a friend revealed Success Secret #24 to me… everyone that wanders is not lost, some are adventurers and trail blazers.  Wow… that statement really stuck with me because it helped me to make sense of my journey.  I haven’t followed the conventional career path for a Vanderbilt graduate and sometimes I felt like I was not living up to my potential but I think my feelings of inadequacy were a result of society’s expectations rather than my own feelings.

I now see how the culmination of all of those experiences, good and bad, positive and negative, have created the person that I am today.  I don’t think I could consult in such diverse industries, write about such diverse topics or work with so many groups if I had not taken the road less traveled and ventured out to explore a different path.

I want to encourage anyone that feels lost not to get discouraged.  You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but I believe all things happen for a reason and work toward the good of our lives.  Sometimes you have to suffer through a trial or tribulation so that you can come through with a testimony.  Don’t ever feel like you aren’t exactly where you are supposed to be because you are.  And, just because it isn’t crowded on your journey doesn’t mean you’re going the wrong way, it may just mean that you are leading the pack.


2 thoughts on “Success Secret #24

  1. OMG, I sometimes feel this way. Like you, I haven’t followed a convential career path, and sometimes I feel kind of weird about it.

    It’s like, I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, but I sometimes feel like I should be doing more or something “normal”. Anyway, thanks for this post! : )


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