Blog of the week: (April 2) Windmill Perception – Can Everyone Live Their Dreams

Blog link:

Author: Trudy

Twitter: @thetrudz

I follow Trudy on Twitter and love her words of wisdom.  Her blogs, on the hand, are not just filled with words of wisdom but some thought-provoking articles.  There seem to be millions of blogs on the web about a variety of topics but Trudy’s site is a place to go when you really want to ponder issues on a deeper level.  She has a clever way of combining her witty humor and psychological observations of our society into easy to read posts.

The blog that I chose for this week asks, “Can everyone live their dreams?” I liked the post because our society is reaching a point where so many people want to become entrepreneurs and/or follow their passions but is it realistic to assume that everyone can do this?  Read more at and leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Blog of the week: (April 2) Windmill Perception – Can Everyone Live Their Dreams

  1. Wow, thanks so much for the spotlight on your great blog. I’m honored. I don’t think my words are “wise”, hehe, I’m actually surprised that people read those ramblings over there. Thanks again…I hope that more people will dialogue on this post on dreams because I’m interested in people’s thoughts on whether we can all live our dreams and what will we do if we all want to and our dreams do not fulfill all of society’s needs.

    Again, thanks for the spotlight. Be blessed.


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