Since the day we met…

Since the day we met, I knew you were the one.  Some days I feel like giving up because relationships just shouldn’t be this hard but most days I want to fight even harder because I can’t imagine life without you.

Since the day we met, it has been impossible to turn back.  You know me better than I know myself which scares me alot.  You aren’t afraid to tell me what you think and how you feel which scares me even more.  You have the courage to stand up to me, which is rarely done.  You have the patience to back me up and let me stumble but I know that you won’t let me fall. 

Since the day we met, I knew I was in love.  Our paths crossed, our eyes met and our hearts were locked.  I know you feel the same even though the words haven’t come.  I see it in your eyes and feel it in your touch.  You make me better than I ever imagined I could be.  You let me love at my own pace which gives my heart the freedom to soar.

I’ve been waiting all my life for someone like you and my life hasn’t been the same since the day we met…


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