It’s all about… Temisha

Temisha Mitchell-Young, Owner, Little Magic Cards

Social networking is great but meeting people in person is even better.  I met Temisha Mitchell-Young last summer through a mutual friend and we hit it off right away because she embodies all of the characteristics that I look for in a friend.

She is genuinely kind and sweet.  She is very easy to talk to about almost everything and doesn’t seem to have a lot of drama (very important for my circle of friends).  She doesn’t take herself too seriously and enjoys having a good laugh.  She is focused on her career but realizes that it’s not just about the money, it’s about doing the right thing and helping her customers.

Temisha invited me to join a women’s golf group that she is a member of, Driving Women’s Golf Club.  I was extremely excited to have a group of professional women to play with but a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone in the group.  Imagine my surprise when I was assigned to a team with Temisha.  During our first team outing, we both realized that we have more in common than we thought, including the need to visit the driving range a little more often.

Take a minute to get to know a little bit about Temisha.  She is as beautiful on inside as she is on the outside:

  • She’s an entrepreneur.  Temisha is the Owner of Little Magic Cards and specializes in making custom stationary and invitations
  • Become a fan on Facebook to get alerts about special offers on beautiful stationary and greeting cards
  • Check her out on Facebook.  She has some of the most unique and beautiful wedding photos… Cedric is a lucky young man 🙂
  • Get LinkedIn with Temisha and start connecting

Thanks for taking a minute to get to know one of my new friends, Temisha Mitchell-Young, and wish her luck.  Her business is entering a business plan competition and the grand prize is $75,000!

Check back next week… it could be all about YOU!


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