Success Secret #23

It took me a long time to become the person that I am today.  I went through a lot of growing pains because I refused to do the right thing at all times.  Those wrong turns and trips down the road of most resistance now feel like a distance memory.

Today, I live a rather stress free life because I have learned… success secret #23… it is better to do the right thing at all times.  I almost said that it is easier but doing the right thing is seldom easier or cheaper.  Let’s use meal planning as an example, you rarely find healthy and tasty food that’s better than some good old American junk food.  However, it is better for your body in the long run to just do the right and eat the healthy, greener stuff.  Even in relationships, it can be tempting to want to have everything your way and rationalize why it should be that way because compromise and communication require work.  But we know that’s not the right answer.

I can cite many more situations where I have just looked around and thought to myself, if they had done the right thing in the beginning none of this would be happening.  When planning for your success, personal, professional or spiritual, you will have many opportunities to take the easy or the cheap road but always ask yourself if it is the right road because I can almost guarantee that if you travel down the wrong road, you will end up coming back…


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