Book Review: Fabulosity

Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons

Book: Fabulosity: What it is and how to get it

Author: Kimora Lee Simmons

Buy it on Amazon for around $11.00

Why I like it:

Before reading this book, I didn’t know very much about Kimora except that she was married to Russell Simmons, at the time. I think most people assumed that he was her meal ticket and she rose to fame using him.  I don’t doubt that he propelled into the mainstream spotlight but it was refreshing to read how she really got her start.

I was a little skeptical about buying “Fabulosity” because I didn’t know what it meant and I have a very low tolerance for nonsense.  This skepticism resulted in curiosity after watching her show a few times on E! TV and so I bought the book.  I was glad that I did because I learned a lot about the independant and driven woman behind the famous husband.  The book also contained some great life lessons that I think younger women should read because she describes what it takes to have it all – the family, career and sense of self – without relying on someone else (i.e. a man) to give it to you.

Since writing this book, Kimora has moved into a new stage of her life and I look forward to her writing another book detailing how she remained on top while dealing with the transition.


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