Career politicians are like cockroaches

Yeah! I said it!  I think career politicians are like cockroaches.  I don’t like them and I don’t think we need them in any of our (legislative) houses.


There are some elected officials that have been in office so long that they have lost touch with the needs of the people they have been elected to serve.  They don’t operate in the best interest of the people rather they have become so accustomed to playing the political game that they don’t think about what is going to help their constituents.  I think what irks me the most is when they come around smiling in everyone’s face once the campaign season begins.

Common Sense Policy:

  1. We need to create a system of qualifying persons to become elected officials.  At one point running our government was very simple but today we are operating budgets upwards of a million dollars, even in our local governments.  How can someone who has never read a financial statement be expected to manage the budget of that magnitude?  These people would not be hired in a comparable position within a corporation so why is it ok for them to be hired as representatives of our government?  I don’t think that people who have the desire to serve but no experience should be tossed aside but they should be required to have a base understanding of some fundamental business and public administrative concepts which can be obtained through a certification and/or college courses.  If they are not willing to “jump through these hoops” then how committed are they to doing what is best for our citizens?
  2. Prior to the campaign season, a third party organization should draft a report card for incumbent candidates that detail their performance during their elected term.  There are so many candidates that are not being held accountable for their actions while in office yet they come back to their constituents, make a few donations, smile in some faces, shake a few hands and the people assume that they are a good person who is doing the right thing.  Yes, this information can be researched by any American citizen but the truth is – Americans are lazy and want everything spoon fed to them.  Once we acknowledge this, let’s start giving them what they want but from a credible source and not from the politicians.  Each politician should be required to use the funds that they raise to publish this information in newspaper ads and on their website.  If they want to talk about what they believe in and what they stand for, then prove it by showing the people what they have done in office.
  3. Finally, every political office should have a term limit.  Our society is advancing at a rapid pace.  We need to have new leaders with innovative ideas about how to continue leading us forward rather than just focusing on how we have always done things.  It bothers me when you people in office that brag about not using computers or having an email address.  Most communication is happening virtually so if you are not connected, how are you in touch with the people that you are leading?

I know that these suggestions will not be popular but it is time for us to get real about the type of leadership required to move our country forward.  Using archaic practices in modern times is not an effective way to lead. 

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One thought on “Career politicians are like cockroaches

  1. Melva says:

    Girl, I could not have said it better. I have preached term limits since I exercised my right to vote over 20 years ago.

    We need Term Limits in every elected position. If a politician wants to continue to play in the game, do it behind the scenes.


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