Success Secret #22

There are two sides to every story.  We all know this to be true.  Some people say there are three sides – yours, mine and God’s.  Well… this secret is also a confession that reveals the other side my the story.

I know that I am always telling you that you can have it all, that you must strive to be your best self and that nothing worth having is easy.  All of that is true but…

Success Secret #22… success requires sacrifice.  I recently read a post on Twitter that I have been using as my personal mantra.  It states:

“I do the things today that others won’t, so that I can do the things later that others can’t.”

I may make writing 15 blogs a week, being a member/officer/Board member of too many groups to count, being active in my church, raising my son, cooking, cleaning and fulfilling all of my other responsibilities look easy but for each project, for each task; there is a cost.  I am willing to pay the cost now because I see the reward at the end of my journey.  If you want to know exactly how much my success is costing me, stay tuned for “Why I’m Not Married.”

Every successful person that you may ever meet knows the cost of their success.  It may be not starting a  family, the inability to sustain a stable relationship, not having the time to spend with their family and friends but for each person there is always a cost.  While you are setting your sights for the stars, I just want you to take a minute to understand that you will have to pay for your success. It is not free but it is up to you to decide if the cost is worth it.  Success in one area of your life may mean a failure in another but you have to prioritize, determine what is most important and shoot for those goals.

You can have it all, you have to decide what “all” means…


2 thoughts on “Success Secret #22

  1. I have an upcoming post on a list of reasons I am happy to be single…time is prominent on that list…time to invest in projects, etc. So I’m looking forward to your “Why I’m Not Married” post. 🙂


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