5 Tips To Get A Good Night’s Rest

You can’t be young and fabulous if you are not getting your beauty rest. I have some friends that swear they don’t need much sleep.  They can have that because I love to sleep.  It helps me to rejuvenate and start my new day fresh.  I can tell when I don’t get a good night’s rest because I have a tendency to be a little irritable.  I use these five tips to ensure that doesn’t happen. I like being a ray sunshine when I wake up 🙂

  1. Get into a routine.  Our bodies like to know what to expect from us.  That is why it is recommended that you take medicines at the same time each day and why you should try to have meals at the same time.  This is the same for sleep.  You can usually tell when your body is ready to lay it down and once you have routine, you won’t need an alarm clock to wake up.
  2. Find the right pillow.  Pillows are so important.  I have suffered many days from sleeping on the wrong pillow and my head and neck ends up hurting the entire next day.  I like memory foam pillows because they conform to my head and neck.  You may have to experiment with a few pillows before you find the right one but once you do, you will know it.  I see a lot of people that travel with their favorite pillows because it is essential to them sleeping well.
  3. Remove distractions.  I can’t have a TV in my bedroom.  I have a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder (shocker, right) and if I start watching a movie, I can’t go to sleep until it’s over and if another movie starts before I fall asleep, I could be up all night.  Not a recipe for successful sleeping.  You should also consider removing work from your sleeping area.  You will tend to stay up later than you intended trying to finish one more thing.
  4. Decorate with a soothing color scheme.  Your bedroom should be a haven of rest and relaxation not party central.  When you walk into the room, you should begin to feel relaxed and at ease.  Consider using soft, serene colors like white, baby blue and lavender in your bedroom design to help you create a feeling of serenity at the end of a hectic day.
  5. Meditate on positive thoughts.  When I am trying to fall asleep, I like to reflect on the good things in my life.  If you are thinking about the millions of things that you need to do tomorrow or worried about an incomplete project, it will take you longer to fall asleep and you may not sleep as well.  The power of positive thinking will help you to manifest positive actions in your life.

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