Blog of the week: (March 18) Melinda Emerson – Your GPS to Start a Small Business

Melinda Emerson, Author, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months

Blog link:

Author:  Melinda Emerson

Twitter: @smallbizlady

Melinda is not only a blogger but also has released a book entitled “Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months”.  I liked her blog post this week because it seems like a good representation of the type of advice that you will receive from her book.  The blog, “Your GPS to Start a Small Business” highlights her six step system to help you move from working at a corporation to becoming an entrepreneur.  You all know that I am a huge advocate of planning for your success and Melinda has some great tools on her website to help you do that.  She is also the host of a weekly #smallbizchat on Twitter which I found to be a great opportunity to use my Twitter skills to help build my business. 

Check out Melinda’s link and take advantage of the wealth of resources that she has provided, including the opportunity to receive a free chapter of her book.


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