Five Twitter Tips

  1. Use a profile picture that is an avatar that says something about you, a real picture that clearly shows who you are or a company logo.  I don’t want to have to guess what your profile picture means.
  2. If you want to have a vague username or if it is code for something that everyone might not understand, please provide some clear description of who you are in your bio.  I’m not clicking on your web link if I can’t figure out who you are and what you are about from your username and/or bio.
  3. Having a million followers means what?  I like to think that the people who follow me are interested in my tweets, blogs and/or business.  That’s only reason I follow people.  I’m not in a race to reach a 1,000 just for the sake of having a thousand people’s tweets in my timeline.  I check out every person’s Twitter page before I decide to follow them.
  4. Don’t just promote your blog or business in your Twitter stream.  My favorite Tweeple are those I engage in Twittersation with.  We may not engage on a daily basis but they usually post things that I like to retweet like blogs, quotes or articles, they are a part of a shared network so I am interested in what they are doing or they are in an industry that I enjoy learning more about. (Oh yeah, if you have thousands of followers and no tweets, I probably won’t follow back.)
  5. Know the language. RT = retweet (reposting something that someone else has already posted into your Twitter stream), #FF = Follow Friday (Tweeple that you think others should follow), @lakeshawomack = @ + username (how you address someone that you want to Twittersate with), #speaker = a trending topic (you can click on anything with the # symbol before it and see a stream of everything that has been Tweeted with this hashtag [that’s what # is called])


3 thoughts on “Five Twitter Tips

  1. LOL… it really helps to get you more views when you use Twitter to promote what you are writing about. I have a lot of friends that blog and if they didn’t tweet when they posted something new, I would probably forget to go by and visit on my own.


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