It’s all about… Melva

Melva Tate, PHR, President and Sr. HR Consultant for Strategic HR Partnerships, a division of Tate & Associates, LLC.

I am the kind of girl that makes instant decisions about whether I like someone or not and it is really hard for me to be fake.  Works well in some situations and not so well in others.  I instantly liked Melva 🙂

Melva Tate and I met last week during a Society for Human Resource Management State Council meeting.  Melva is the kind of lady that knows how to work a room.  As everyone was getting settled in their seats and checking out the assorted snacks, she was going around the room and greeting everyone.  I consider myself a pretty serious networker but I am not great at room-working.  I am more of a one-on-one person so I applaud anyone who can do this and appear genuine.

Melva further impressed me when nominations for the position of Director-Elect was announced and someone nominated her.  Melva gracefully declined because she felt that she had too much on her plate already.  I respect anyone who can be honest about what they can and cannot contribute to an organization rather than collecting titles like trophies.  I later found out that this position comes many perks including access to an American Express card for expenses.  I know some people would have jumped at the opportunity for this reason, if no other. 

During lunch Melva and I sat at the same table along with a few other ladies and the conversation flowed smoothly.  We talked about our families, our jobs and our charity work.  It is wonderful to fellowship with women who are professional, successful and well-rounded.

Today is all about Melva because when we became LinkedIn, her message included the following

“I hope we can make this connection beneficial for both parties. I look forward to hearing how I can help you professionally.”

It is not often that people understand the true reason for networking, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.  I feel as though her offer to help me is generous and I want to introduce you all to someone that I believe is an outstanding example of professionalism and gives meaning to networking – online and in person.

  • Get LinkedIn with Melva to view her impressive resume
  • Follow her on Twitter (@thecareercoach) to stay up to date on events happening in and around Birmingham especially concerning Human Resource issues
  • Visit her on FaceBook to get a glimpse of the go-getter behind the empire
  • Melva is a Human Resource Consultant with Strategic HR Partnerships
  • She can also assist you with getting focused through her position as Career Coach with Strategic Career Focus

Thank you for showing some love to Melva Tate, a fellow overachiever.  Her committment to building her company, serving her community and making time for her family is impressive but the warmth of her personality is surely her biggest asset.

Check back next week, it could be all about YOU!


2 thoughts on “It’s all about… Melva

  1. Bravo for recognizing an amazing woman in Melva Tate. She is the kind of person that you instantly like and want to connect with… and wish you had her “put together” wardrobe.

    Melva is a regular Contributor to Birmingham Works! magazine where she writes The HR File feature. If you don’t have access to a print copy, you can read it online at

    Hats off to Melva. I’m honored to be a part of her world.


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