Success Secret #21

I am often amazed when potential entrepreneurs approach me with their business plan and they have no intention of making an investment in their business.  They hope that there is government funding available or that someone will give them a loan to fund their venture.  My first problem with this is people complaining about our government deficit and government getting too “big” but these are the very people who refuse to invest in themselves or in their community.  I wonder where they think these resources will come from?

Success secret #21… you have to invest in yourself before you can expect others to make an investment in you.

There are segments of our society that I believe may never be able to support themselves but I have a feeling that you (the reader of this blog) are not one of those people.  You have to realize that whatever you want in life, you have to first assess what you can contribute to the project before you seek outside assistance.  When I see businesses that don’t invest in their infrastructure, marketing or operations; I don’t patronize that business.  Why should I give you my money when you don’t want to spend YOUR money on your project?


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