The devil is a liar… I don’t have any haters

How many of you think that your haters are trying to hold you back?

Guess what?  No one can hold you back but YOU.  I live in a small town and it seems that some of people have become conditioned to thinking that there is a segment of the population trying to hold them back.  They are afraid of speaking out because they fear that these people will… actually I’m not sure what they think these people will do to them.

Here’s my theory… if you don’t sign my paycheck or have any direct control over my ability to provide for my family then I don’t really care what you think.  I’m not sure if this is a productive or positive attitude but it keeps me from stressing over what people think or say about me.  The only opinion about me that matters is God… judge not least ye be judged.  I don’t think anyone is in a position to judge others so the best we can do is focus on being the best we can be and let God deal with everything else.

Stop running around talking about your haters this and your haters that… the time YOU spend worrying about them could be time spent doing something more productive in your own life.


4 thoughts on “The devil is a liar… I don’t have any haters

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