7 Habits of Fabulous People

A habit is defined as a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.  In order to live a fabulous life, there are certain behaviors that you should repeat until they become habits and just as natural as breathing air.

  1. Live with integrity.  So many people get caught up trying to impress other people but they fail to realize that you will never be successful or fabulous worrying about what those around you think.  In a previous post, Reputation = Pass… Integrity = Fail, I used the Tiger Woods example of how dangerous that can be.
  2. Develop a style.  Having style isn’t about buying the most expensive clothes or sporting designer labels from head to toe but taking the time to find out what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in.  I have seen some people wear some combinations that would look horrible on me but they looked great on the person not because the clothes were so cool but because the person felt good in them and wore them with little to no effort.  Once I get dressed in the morning, that’s it.  I’m going to rock my outfit like its the baddest outfit in the world until the end of the day.  I’ve had some wardrobe mishaps (like the one time I wore some pants with a green pinstripe and a blue shirt thinking the pinstripe was blue – day started waayyy too early) but I rolled with it and I doubt anyone noticed.
  3. Be a blessing.  The happiest and most fabulous people that I know dedicate some percentage of their time to helping others.  When you stop dwelling in your own mess and look around for ways to help others, your problems don’t seem so bad and you are usually more grateful for what you have and can stop focusing on what you don’t have.
  4. Manage your money.  I think one of the main stressers that people have is a result of their financial insecurity.  When your money ain’t right, it’s hard to imagine anything else in life going well.  Even if your financial situation isn’t ideal, you have to confront it head on.  Not opening your bills or avoiding your bill collectors is not going to improve the situation.  Create a budget and stick with it.  Make sure you are saving for a rainy day because, trust me, it is going to rain.
  5. Have humilty.   A lot of people think that if they are living the fabulous life, they have to let everyone know.  You don’t.  Your life will speak for itself through your actions.  Simply wearing a smile on your face and extending a helping hand when needed is all of the evidence that others need to know that you have something really special happening in your life.  It makes me wince when people start bragging about how great their life is.  To me, it feels like they are trying to compensate for soemthing that is missing.
  6. Plan for success.  There is nothing like taking a trip and having a roadmap to guide you.  Some of us spend more time planning a vacation than we spend trying to figure where we are headed in life.  Your life will be filled with detours and distractions but how can you live a fabulous life if you have no idea where you are trying to go?  Don’t get discouraged when your plan has to change, make the necessary adjustments and continue moving forward.
  7. Create balance.  Finding balance in your life involves some introspection, looking within.  We have been led to believe that we can have it all.  We can!  The key is figuring out what “all” means to you.  List your top three to five priorities and live each day in accordance with those priorities.

I love to think that I have a fabulous life.  Not because of my material possessions or financial status but because I try to live each day a little bit better than the day before.


2 thoughts on “7 Habits of Fabulous People

  1. This is such a great list- and so true! It’s important to remember that material things are great, but they don’t necessarily make our lives fabulous. I need to keep that in mind when I’m feeling down.

    Thanks for this!


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