Favorite Thing: MAC Clear Lipglass

I’ve had many (MAC) loves in my lifetime but none as special as the original MAC clear lipglass.  I remember when I first discovered this treasure, way back when.  The thick, shiny gloss was like nothing on the market at the time and you could instantly look at woman’s pout and know if she hip to the product.  It glides on your lips like candy coated paint on a sports car.  It instantly makes your lips pucker and pout their way to seduction.  I must confess that it’s shiny illusion does come at a small price, it is very sticky.  This is not a product that you want wondering untamed in the bottom of your purse or make-up bag but this clear camellion is well worth the trouble.  I love to blend it with different color lipliners and lipsticks to keep my audience’s attention focused in the right place.

MAC Clear Lipglass

Where can you get it?


How much does it cost? $14.00


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