Happy 101 Award!

This seems like fun!  One of my blogger buddies, PureGoldLady, awarded me with my first blog award and I am deeply appreciative that she finds my random topics inspiring 🙂 and now I get to pass it on…

The award has the following rules which I am happy to follow:
1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2. Name 10 things that make you happy.
3. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners.

10 things that make me happy…

  1. Having faith
  2. Being a mother
  3. Shopping and pampering myself with my mother
  4. Knowing that I am being the best person that I can be
  5. Being active in my community
  6. Having the freedom to write about whatever I find interesting
  7. Seeing business owners become successful
  8. Taking trips/ being on vacation
  9. Soul food
  10. Perfectly carbonated Diet Coke

My 10 favorite bloggers…

  1. Pure Gold Lady… she been through the fire and came out pure gold
  2. Tanisha’s Savvy Two Cents… she has great advice to pass along from life’s many experiences
  3. Black ‘n Bougie… what can I say, OneChele keeps it real
  4. The Fresh Express… a great source of information about life issues
  5. His Majesty’s Favorite… love her philosophical views on life
  6. For Colored Gurls… provides an interesting perspective on a variety of topics
  7. The Young Writer’s Block… a talented group of writers with engaging dialogue
  8. Ear Drum Krushez … keeps me up to date on hip hop and music
  9. Diamond Dust… when I read her blog, it feels like I am part of the conversation and not an outsider looking in
  10. Dr. Rachel… we all have questions about sexual matters sometimes

Click on their links and you will see why I have their pages bookmarked…


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