It’s all about… Tisa

I’m not the type of blogger that writes for comments or views, it really is a therapeutic release.  I do enjoy the fact that there is an audience for my writing (because it might suck if no one cared) but I am constantly humbled if not by the quantity but definitely by the quality of people reading my articles.  I have made some great online friends through my blog, Twitter and FaceBook.  However, one lady really stands out to me not only because of her professional accomplishments but because she seems like such a genuine person with the drive and determination to educate those around her and help make the world a little bit better and more informed.

Tisa Silver, Author, The Time Value of Life

We met over a blog.  I wrote a blog on the Time Value of Life at the Young Writer’s Block and one day I received an email alert that there was a comment on the post.  I went to the site and read the comment.  Tisa Silver had left a comment and coincidentally she not only had a FaceBook group dedicated to this subject but she had also written a book about it.  Upon further research, I found out many more impressive things about Tisa but the thing that stands out in my mind is her committment to helping others.  I have seen numerous posts about her going into prisons and schools serving as a role model and speaking to those who need encouragement most.  Her message is of encouragement and taking the time to value what is most important.  I look forward to one day sitting down with Tisa in person but until then I want her to know that her hard work, dedication and determination to help others does not go unnoticed.

Every Friday on Twitter you may see me encouraging you to follow this dynamic lady, check out a few of her sites and you will learn why I think she is worthy of gracing your timeline:

  • On Tisa’s FaceBook fan page for the Time Value of Life she says, “Time is more valuable than money. So why do we treat our money with such care, and our time with such indifference?”
  • Find out more about the good work Tisa does as President of The Good Works Coalition
  • Follow Tisa on Twitter to stay up to date on the multitude of contributing articles that she writes and speaking engagements that she hosts
  • Get linked with Tisa on LinkedIn to get a glimpse of her professional bio
  • Check out her web page to learn more about the woman behind the wisdom
  • Tisa is also a contributing blogger for’s Pay If Off which provides real financial advice about a variety of topics including debt collections and pay-day loans

Thanks for taking a minute to check out someone I consider truly amazing, Tisa Silver.  Don’t forget to check back next week, it could all about YOU!


4 thoughts on “It’s all about… Tisa

  1. Kia Silver says:

    Thanks for making the time to write about Tisa and all of the positive things that she is doing. Although I may be slightly biased because I’m her sister, I am extremely proud of her dedication to helping others and her genuinely warm spirit. Thanks for taking notice and spreading the word!


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