There’s a new party in town…

I’ve been joking around with my friends for the past few months about starting a new political party.  It seems that the Democrats and Republicans are so focused on their personal agendas that they have forgotten that our government is supposed to be of the people and for the people.  When I look at most of the Senators and House Representatives, I wonder if they really understand the struggles of the average person.  There seems to be a serious disconnect with doing with is right, in our best interest and makes sense versus doing what they “think” will get them reelected and helping them make more “friends”.

I find myself confused sometimes and wonder where are the Common Sense Policies?  I may not be the brightest brick in the block but it just seems that there are some common sense solutions to a lot of the problems facing our country.  Well… welcome to the new blog segment that I hope will begin to foster some conversation about real solutions to real problems facing our communities.  I would love to have some contributing bloggers to this segment.  The only requirements that I have are 1) you must present a problem that your local community, your state or our nation is facing and 2) you must present a common sense solution.  Email me at and I will post articles that are appropriate for this segment.  Please include your name, email address and website.

I will also post some issues that I have faced while getting involved in my local community such as: dealing with older people who don’t want to relinquish their power; sitting on a Board of Directors with people not interesting in “doing” anything and how to run a committee meeting within an hour while maximizing efficiency; along with some of the strategies that I have used to try and turn the tides in a new direction.

I look forward to making this an interactive segment and receiving submissions from you…


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