Confessions of a church-aholic: how to survive a marathon of church services

Hi… my name is LaKesha Womack and I am a church-aholic.

Most people that know me, know that I go to church waayyy more than the average person.  Take today for example: Sunday School begins at 9am, we have church service at 10am, I will be attending a Black History Church service at 11am and then a King/Queen contest (at church) at 3pm.  That is a full day of churching.  The oddness of this is not that I am attending four church services in one day but the fact that I do this quite often.  Some people wonder how I do it and question even more how I do it with an energetic four-year old in tow. 

Here are my five survival tips for church-aholics:

  1. Make sure you have a journal and/or scrap paper handy.  The key to retention after so many services is to take notes.  It also helps to occupy your mind during down times, is great for making to do lists for the rest of the week (not during sermons, of course) and comes in handy when the little one wants something to scribble on.
  2. Pack a snack.  Not only do I pack treats for my son but I make sure I have some goodies in the bag for me as well.  Most of the time there is food served at some point during these marathon Sundays but it isn’t something that you can count on, quality or quantity wise, nor do you ever really know at what point the food is going to appear.
  3. Get lots of rest the night before.  There is nothing worse than feeling totally drained and having to sit in church all day.  I also make sure I don’t have anything planned for Sunday evening except for catching up on some of my favorite television shows.  Listening to people talk all day can be just as draining as a full-time job, not to mention trying to manage the attention span of my son and keep him under control.  I feel like I’ve worked a full day plus overtime by the time I get home.
  4. Sit in the back.  On my short church days I don’t mind sitting close to the front but when I know its going to be a long day, I make sure my son and I are in the back so that he and his toys can spread out.  I think it is ridiculous for people to expect children to endure such long church services with nothing to occupy their minds.  At some of the larger churches, they have special services for children with activities geared toward their age group.  Down south in the small country churches, you can forget about it so I make sure to bring the activities with me.
  5. Last but definitely not least, wear something comfortable.  I have the cute suits for those one service Sundays but days like this require moderate heel shoes and breathable separates because I know that I am going to be in and out of the car all day, walking around in various churches and again, managing my son.  The last thing I want to worry about is my outfit.

I am not sure how many fellow church-aholics are out there but hopefully these tips will help you to survive a marathon Sunday.


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