Relationships are like finding a good outfit

When I worked in retail, it would frustrate me to no end when a woman would come in, find the perfect dress/outfit and say, “I love it!  But I am going to keep looking.”

Did this mean that she really didn’t love it or that she was convinced that she would find something that she loved more?

Lately, I have been thinking that this happens in relationships also. You find the right person, everything is going well with the exception of a few hick-ups (but you are going to have them with anyone, human nature) and instead of you committing, you decide to keep looking.

I am convinced that as long as you live, there will always be someone more attractive than your mate, there will be someone smarter, better in bed and probably even more romantic. What you have to realize and accept is that this person is here now and they obviously want to be with you also. This ultimate person who embodies all of your qualities in the perfect portions, may or may not exist.

Just like the shopper, yeah, there may be a better outfit but at what cost – financially and time wise. Imagine if you made the committment to what is in front of you. Accept that this is what is for you and continue moving forward with your life. You are free to pursue other interests with the time you were spending trying to find perfection.

After some of those women left my store, I wondered if they found that more perfect dress. Some of them came back and were lucky enough to find their previous selection waiting for them while others were not so lucky. How many of you have been in that situation? You walked away hoping to find something better only to realize how great what you had before was. Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on what is missing that we forget about all of things that we do have.

In the movie “Why Did I Get Married” they discuss the 80/20 rule. I think this is applicable in many of life’s situations especially relationships. You are not satisfied with your 80% but end up leaving it for 20%.

This is not to say that you should settle for less than you deserve but don’t get so caught up in the little things that you miss the greatness being offered…


3 thoughts on “Relationships are like finding a good outfit

  1. This is so true! I wish men would wake up. But the funny part of this story, is that this is what I did today. I found an outfit that I was happy with. But put it back b/c I thought I could find something a little better. I then, had to come back and get the first outfit that I found. Thankfully it was still there! Men need to understand that if they find a woman that is 90% of what they want. Don’t throw it away, b/c that 100% woman just doesn’t exist. Hate to tell ya! LOL!


  2. i think everybody want da best of everything. and women r way more picky than men. women do not know what they want they shop all day for dat best outfit and cum rite back to dat first outfit they pick fron da beginning. men know what they want before we even get to shopping but sometime we don’t find exactly what we want and settle for d closes thing to it. men will take da 80% and try to turn it to a 100%, but women want da 100% off top or they take da 20% man (mr. pipe layer) and try to turn it to a 100%. i can’t lie i want the 100% woman but they r very hard to find and i believe they r out there somewhere


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