Success Secret #17

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me about another friend that was having a problem.  We were concerned about this friend because her problem was of the magnitude that could make or break her.  It was further concerning because she has a daughter therefore she doesn’t have the luxury of dwelling on the problem because she needs to fix what is broken and keep it moving, for her daughter’s sake, if not for her own.

Success secret #17…. problems are like quick sand.  We all have problems.  One of the lessons that I have learned in life is that you can stand still and dwell on your problems or you can seek a solution and keep it moving. 

It’s just like standing in quick sand, you can stand there and be upset that you are stuck in the quick sand but while doing so, you are only going to seek deeper and deeper.  However, if you acknowledge that you are stuck, figure out how to get out and keep moving, you may find yourself sinking a little every now and again but for the most part, you are moving forward.

Don’t let your problems get you down.  You will never reach a point in your life where you have no problems so don’t strive for the impossible.  Look at your life like a puzzle and realize that at every turn you need to be looking for answers to solve the puzzle.


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