Lifetime Achievement Award

A couple of days ago, I attended a banquet and there was a presentation for someone’s lifetime achievement in the community.  We are accustomed to seeing such recognition at national award shows so it was refreshing to see a community organization follow suit.

As we sat in the audience listening to the description of the recipient, the name of the person was not mentioned.  Instead they rattled off all of her good deeds and her unselfish acts to help her fellow citizens.  As the list rolled on, a man sitting next to me quietly whispered the recipient’s name.  During all of this, it became obvious to those in the room who this person was because her actions were unique.  Like most of our communities, there are only a few who rise to go above and beyond.

What stuck out to me was that the narrator never mentioned the type of house she lived in, the kind of car she drove or even any of the designer labels that she may have worn.  He did speak generously about her involvement in her church and her willingness to sacrifice on behalf of others.  The presentation reached a climax when her children made a surprise appearance once they announced her name and the crowd rose to their feet for a standing ovation.

The recipient was obviously surprised and behind her tears all she could say was, “Thank you.”

My blogs are inspired by moments in my life.  This moment made me stop and think, what would someone say about me if I were being presented a lifetime achievement award?  Are my good deeds and unselfish acts worthy of such recognition?  Have I focused enough energy on the things that really matter or have I spent too much time on all of the wrong things?  Many of us are caught up in a rat race that will not deliver the ultimate reward that we seek, a place on the Heavenly Roll Call.  I honestly do not believe that this lady did all that she did in hopes of one day receiving this award, which we should not either.  However, it seemed that she was focused on doing all that she could with all that she had in hopes of hearing “Well done” from a power higher than those in that room.  The acknowledgment from her peers was probably icing on a tasty cake.

Are you living a life worthy of a Lifetime Achievement Award?  As you reflect on the life that you are living, is there anything that will stand out in the minds of your peers as truly unselfish?  Most importantly, will your lifetime achievement award be a place in Heaven?


What do you think?

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