I don’t need a man…

How many of you ladies have ever uttered those lethal five words (I – don’t – need – a – man)?  This is perhaps one of the most dangerous things we have ever told ourselves or been told by someone else.

In the past I have written about how our thoughts manifest into our realities.  This is one of those cases.

I dated a guy once and we had some problems.  Instead of dealing with the issues, guess what I did?  I told myself that it didn’t matter.  Guess what happened? After a while, it stopped mattering.  Needless to say the relationship ended.

I have met women (and perhaps been guilty of also) who say they don’t need a man but then can’t understand why they can’t maintain a relationship.  This blog is going to be quick because I am going to get right to the point.

If you tell a man that you don’t need him, he is going to go elsewhere, where he is needed.  Oh, but you don’t tell him that, you just say it to your girlfriends?  Guess what? As you think it, it manifests.  You may not even realize that your thoughts are manifesting into actions in your relationship.  Some women even say, I’m not doing anything… doing nothing may also be part of your problem.

Men want to feel special, treasured and needed just as we do.  Relationships require work and if you don’t think you need a man then you probably aren’t doing the work to keep one…. I’m just saying…


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