It’s all about… Corey

Corey Ponder, Mr. E Nigma

One of his screen names is Mr. ENigma which typifies everything that I know about Corey.  He has so many facets and so many sites but through them all, you still have a sense that there is a genuine person behind these ventures.

Corey is a fellow Vandy alum who has chosen to use his (online) powers for good and to encourage people to do something that they don’t often do – think.  He approached me sometime last year about being a contributor to his blog site – The Young Writer’s Block.  I was ecstatic that he would think so highly of my writing and want to include me among the other phenomenal writers that were already contributing.  You all can blame Corey for me blogging so often.  After getting into a groove while writing for his site, I set my sights higher and decided to start writing a daily blog.  I think many people underestimate the amount of energy and effort that is required to maintain a blog site.  Not only does Corey oversee the Young Writer’s Block but he also has a personal blog, The Apathy Remedy.  His personal blog is a great source for all things happening in our political world.  A lot of people enjoy writing about pop culture but Corey has chosen to take on something a little more serious and I think we will be better for having someone willing to voice their opinion about the issues that really matter – whether you agree with him or not.

While doing some research for this post, I learned few new things about Corey.  He had plans to be a classical musician, he produces rap, hip hop and R&b beats, his blogs will complement your life better chicken complements waffles (that is saying alot!) and on top of that – he is a fine, young man with a brain, job and two degrees.  I don’t know his relationship status but umm……

Anyway, today is all about Corey!  Please take a moment to check out his many sites and show some love to one of my fellow bloggers, a Vandy alum and most of all, someone that I consider a friend.

  • Join him and his almost 1,600 friends on Facebook to keep up with his posts, notes and tweets
  • The almost classical musician produces rap and hip hop beats, take a listen at his MySpace page and at Showcase Your Music
  • His personal blog, The Apathy Remedy, is a great source of information about our political environment.  What’s so special about this blog?  “The power of action is unprecedented. The first step to action is often times recognizing that the world is full of problems. I hope to inspire people to be socially active and socially aware of what they care about – so long as they care about something.”
  • Corey is all over Twitter promoting his Young Writer’s Block posts as well as Speaking his own Truth
  • Don’t forget to show your support for the Young Writer’s Block, (Think. Write. Discuss). Subscribe today to stay up to date on the posts of some outstanding bloggers (yes, including me :)).  You can also become a fan of the Facebook fan page to receive a weekly update of the blogs posted.

Wow!  I thought I was a social networking junkie!  Anyone who knows anything about online media can only imagine how difficult it is to manage of all of these sites while still having time to work and live life yet Corey does it and makes his bloggers feel as though we are a part of his community.  Thanks for taking time to make today all about Corey.

Check back next Wednesday, it could all about YOU!!


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