Success Secret #15

I read an article a while back that presented a very unsettling theory. It stated that many people don’t achieve success because of self sabotage. At first, I couldn’t believe it. Who would choose to not to be successful? However, I have noticed that there are many people who talk a good game but are not following up with the actions needed to achieve success. Some are doing so because they really don’t know what needs to be done to achieve their goals while others are afraid of the changes that will occur in their life once success is attained.

Success secret #15… You cannot be afraid of success.  How do you know whether you are setting yourself up for success or sabotaging your ability to achieve success?

First, consider whether you have a plan for your success?
If you have a plan, it should be a SMART plan (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and trackable). Your plan for success is the road map to you achieving your future goals. It may change from time to time because life happens and we all have to make adjustments. However, if you are just sitting around thinking that one day success is going to happen or that somehow you will end up in the right place at the right time and everything will just fall in to place then you are sabotaging your success.

Next, think about who you hang around?
You are somewhat a product of your environment. There are some people that can achieve their goals despite their surroundings but as adults if you are hanging around successful people then you are more likely to become successful. Not because you are expecting them to hook you up but because of the activities that you will participate in with them and the type of people that you will network with. If you hang around with people that spend most of their free time playing video games then you are sabotaging your success. We each have the same 24 hours each day to achieve our goals. Some people are on Boards of Directors, start their own business, and volunteer time to charity while others complain about everything that is wrong around them and consistently do nothing. If you are not using your time wisely, then you are not moving closer to your goals. No, you should not choose your friends based on how they can benefit you but you should choose friends that have similar goals and that can encourage you when you are down or be a role model for the type of life that you want to lead.

I have a friend that confided in me that she wanted to be mover and shaker in her community. She is starting her own business and also needed some inexpensive marketing strategies. I suggested that she create a plan. Not only did she need a business plan but she needed a strategy to get involved in her community. Since we had this discussion, she is now networking within her local Chamber of Commerce, attending City Council meetings, finishing her business plan and participating in the city’s five year strategic plan. She could have just sat around waiting and wishing for her success to come but instead she is taking control of her future and making contacts with people that are going to help move her closer to her goals.

Are you setting yourself up for success?


2 thoughts on “Success Secret #15

  1. Love it! Clearly this used to be me! My fear was that success would change me and I’d forget about helping others. But I now know that the core of who I am isn’t changing. I’ve always believed in helping others! And I don’t intend on changing. Some people think that it’s a negative thing to be a server. But truthfully, that’s the duty of a Christian. Great write!


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