5 Tips to Live Young and Fabulous

Many people think that living young and fabulous is directly related to your age, having lots of money and doing lots of things.  I am here to set the record straight.  Living a young and fabulous life is all about your mindset.  It is about the freedom that you feel when you are not bound to the expectations of others or any that are self imposed.  I am going to share my five tips to achieve a young and fabulous life.

  1. Be your own guide.  Don’t look to others for a road map to living your life.  I heard a woman say the other day that she felt that she was too old to wear patterned tights with tall boots.  At what age should you be too old for patterned tights unless they are fishnet or mesh?  Last Sunday, I saw a lady in her 80s with a skirt suit, stockings and short boots.  She looked fabulous and didn’t care what anyone else thought.  Although the first lady was younger in age, the older lady was living young and fabulous because she wasn’t concerned with the opinions of others and rocked her outfit.
  2. Realize that it isn’t about you.  I think we have covered this in one of the success secrets but as soon as you stop thinking the world revolves around you and that everyone is out to get you, the better your life will be.  Sometimes I think I take this tip a little too far because I don’t ever assume that other people’s actions have anything to do with me.  If they do, it’s not my problem.  I don’t have haters because people who may be working against me aren’t even on my radar.  I focus on doing what I need to do to be my best self.
  3. Give back.  We have all heard the old adage that it is better to give than to receive.  When you find yourself being a blessing in the lives of others, you will start to receive blessings.  So many times we do things looking for a reward or a payment. Have you ever lost something and couldn’t find it but as soon as you stopped looking, you found it.  The same is true with blessings.  When you are looking for them, you can’t see them but as soon as you stop focusing on them, good things start to happen.  Not because the fairy dust waits for you to turn your head to anoint you but because when you set an expectation for a blessing you have an idea of what it should or should not look like.  When you stop expecting, it is able to take on any shape in your life and you will be greatful for existence.
  4. Look the part.  I hope you all read my blog, I don’t look like what I’ve been through.  It is somewhat of a testimony but it essentially says that you don’t have to wear your troubles for all the world to see.  Being young and fabulous is about focusing more on the 80% of things in life that you have rather than complaining about the 20% that you don’t.  If you take a serious inventory of your life, you have much more than you lack.  I remind people to take a look at the victims of Haiti and even some people still struggling after Hurricane Katrina.  Even on your worst day, you are still more blessed and have lost much less than some of these people. 
  5. As you think it, you will become it.  Our thoughts manifest into our reality.  If you think positive things will happen in your life, they will.  Not because you have these magical abilities but because you start to see the goodness in your situation.  Every situation that you find yourself in can be viewed positively or negatively.  It is up to you to decide what you will take away from it.

Living young and fabulous isn’t about material gain but spiritual fulfillment.  When you focus your life on THINGS, you will never find happiness because you will never have enough.  However, when you focus is on being a good person and having a joyful spirit, I can’t even begin to describe how things will change in your life.

What are some of your tips to living a young and fabulous life?


One thought on “5 Tips to Live Young and Fabulous

  1. Fabulous post! Sometimes we youngins get caught up in appearing fabulous on the outside (clothes, hair, etc.), but it’s more about our minds and feeling fabulous. One of my tips for living young and fabulous is stop comparing yourself to others!

    Anyway, thanks for this post : )


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