It’s all about… Anthony

Anthony Womack, Musician, All in Your Mind (CD)

In just a moment you will see a glaring similarity between Anthony and me but that isn’t the reason that I am writing about him.  Yes, Anthony Womack is my cousin but he is also a very talented musician.  He’s the kind of man that doesn’t toot his own horn (I know, I couldn’t resist) so I am taking a moment to toot it for him.

Not only does he play music, he is also a music educator and has worked in the public school system enriching the lives of our youth.  I know that many people underestimate the value of arts in our children’s lives but art, music and drama are the types of programs that build their self-confidence so that they can go forth into the world and perform, whether on a stage or in a boardroom.

Anthony is married to the beautiful and talented Sharon Denise O’Neal, a fellow musician.  Her vocal abilities are astounding but even more impressive is her committment to standing by her man.  They are that cute couple that chats through Facebook and encourages each other before and after shows. Yeah, I know it gets a little sappy but the world would be a much sweeter place if we had more sap.

Show your support for a man doing his thing while setting the example of what it means to be a strong man in our society.

  • WoJamm by Anthony Womack on MySpace
  • Yes, he has over 3,000 friends on FaceBook following his every show… you should send him a request too… you never know where he is going to show up
  • I love hip hop but sometimes I just want to mellow out and this CD, All in Your Mind, is a must have in your music library.  Purchase the CD or buy as a download… either way, you won’t be sorry.

Thanks for checking out Anthony Womack and Wojamm… 

Don’t forget to come back next week, it could be all about YOU!!!


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