It’s all about… BlackBerry

I know, I know… I normally write about some great person in my life but today it’s all about BlackBerry.  I remember reading an article about a lady that was a self-proclaimed BlackBerry addict.  I didn’t have one so I thought she was crazy.  She said that she would take it to the bathroom with her, use it at the dinner table and was rarely without it.  I could not imagine anyone being so crazed with a cell phone.

Hi, my name is LaKesha Womack.  I am a BlackBerry addict.  I sleep with my phone and wake up to its vibrations each morning around 6am.  I check it throughout the day and it bails me out when I’m in boring meetings or waiting for a late client.  Once I was without my phone for almost a month because of technical difficulties and me living in a very rural area; I thought I would die but I survived, barely.  My friends sent condolences as if a member of the family had been lost or seriously injured.

I’ve looked at the iPhone and the Droid but I feel like I’m cheating on my lover when I even consider connecting with another phone.  Why do I love this phone so much?  It keeps me connected.  I can text, instant message, email, FaceBook, Twitter, get directions, play games, take pictures, record videos and so, so much more.  How could you not fall in love?

If you’ve considered getting a BlackBerry, join me in the CrackBerry addiction.

What’s your cell phone of choice?  Do you share my BlackBerry addiction?


7 thoughts on “It’s all about… BlackBerry

  1. I had a Blackberry a little over two years… and yes I lived with it, and loved it. I just purchased a Droid about a month ago and now love that! It can do so much more than a Blackberry. The only dissapointment is that the Droid cannot get a couple emails accounts as the Blackberry does.

    Consider the Droid… it is sooo much fun!


  2. If you have a Blackberry Curve 8300, you can now record video on it. The original software that came on the Curve 8300 did not include video recording. However, software version 4.3 included an update that adds this feature. If you have a Blackberry Curve 8300 with the newer software, recording video is fairly easy to do.


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