Building a man’s jewelry collection

When it comes to men’s jewelry, I am very traditional so this shouldn’t be a long read. I believe a man should not wear more than five pieces of jewelry at one time (preferably not all on the same appendage). Although I am a member of Generation Bling, I don’t think a man should subscribe to that way of thinking unless he is in a music video or it’s Halloween.

A man’s jewelry collection can consist of multiple pieces but it is not necessary for them to all be worn at the same time. Knowing the appropriate time to wear jewelry is a statement of class for men. Not to go on a fashion tangent but every man should have three looks – sporty, casual and dressy – and a jewelry collection for each look.

A sporty look is appropriate for sporting events and playing sports. An athletic watch is the only piece of jewelry that can sustain the roughness of man-sport, otherwise, you are just trying to show off and will probably end up losing your piece or it will get broken.

Casual dress provides a little more leeway, however, don’t overdo it. A casual watch is a worthy investment that can be worn daily. It should be a piece that can be worn with jeans or khaki’s and looks good when your sleeves are rolled up. The actual style will vary depending on your personality but chronographs are one of my favorites. The band of the watch is a very important detail but if you choose a good face, you can always have the band replaced. A necklace or bracelet may be appropriate but I prefer that a man not wear both. Also, fashion rings only look appropriate if it is a class ring or if you not married. If you are married and choose a fashion ring or class ring, it should be worn on the opposite hand of your wedding band to create a balanced look. If you are a man with pierced ears, this may be the time to wear them but be careful not to go overboard. A nice diamond stud (between ½ and 1 carat) is appropriate but hoops and earrings with designs should be left for the women.

When wearing a suit, depending on your style, you can sometimes add a little more flash to your ensemble with cuff links. Tie tacks and tie bars should be avoided at all costs unless you prefer a more dated look. With this look, you can make a bolder statement with your watch because it can be used as a symbol of power. It is hard to resist a man in a dark suit with a crisp white shirt, french cuffs, shined cuff links, polished shoes and a nice watch.

A man’s jewelry collection may be easier to assemble than a woman’s because there are less options available. Each man should invest in three watches, one ring if he chooses and as many sets of cuff links as his heart desires. The price points of these pieces, however, should stay in line with his budget. 

Also, for all of you women wanting a rock for an engagement ring, I have been told that it is a wedding tradition for the bride to buy her husband a watch, as a wedding gift, equal in value to that of her engagement ring.


3 thoughts on “Building a man’s jewelry collection

  1. Tracey Burnett says:

    Great topic, but you left out one look…the rugged look, sometimes known as the ruffneck. This look is a watch only look. I agree whole heartedly with your other points. I tend to stay away from rings and necklaces. However, I love watches and cufflinks. As a man, if your watchband, belt, and shoes match you can get away with almost anything and look good doing it.

    You’re right about the “dress up” watch. I think that’s the most important of them all. Every now and then, a bracelet is nice with the casual look. Nothing too soft though; you don’t want the wrong eyes on you.


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