It’s all about… Keith

Keith Bulluck, Founder Believe and Achieve Foundation, Inc

Most people that know me, know that I am a huge TITANS fan.  I am not necessarily a football fan because I don’t watch many high school or college games but I really enjoy the NFL season.  I was fortunate enough to live in Nashville during the transition of the TITANS from Houston as the Oilers to Memphis and Vanderbilt’s temporary stadiums finally to their home stadium in Nashville.  During this time, the TITANS drafted Keith Bulluck, a linebacker from Syracuse.

If you want to know about his professional statistics you can go to any NFL site and they will hook you up.  What I found most impressive about Keith was the story behind the player.  Obviously, I don’t know all of the details but he was adopted at a young age after some family issues.  Many people would have taken this opportunity to hold a grudge against their family or to carry a chip on their shoulder.  Keith has done the opposite.  He says,

“Young people in foster care often figure they will be stuck in minimum-wage jobs after they leave the system. I’m proof it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, I had natural ability, size and a lot of breaks, but you also need focus in life, someone to bring you along, someone to help you develop job skills.”

He created a foundation to help other foster kids and mended his relationship with his biological family.  We hear so many stories about professional athletes doing all of the wrong things with their time and money so I wanted today to be all about Keith, one of my favorite TITANS.

I am not the type of person who thinks athletes should be role models for our kids just because they are employed by a professional sport’s league but I do believe in giving credit to people who use their resources, however great or small, for the good of our community.  Take a moment to get to know Keith, regardless of who your favorite team may be…

I’m not sure if the TITANS will make it to the play-offs this season or if Keith will be with the TITANS next year, but I am thankful for the years that he has dedicated to the Nashville community.  I wish him all of the best in the future and hope that he will continue to do positive things in his community.

Today was all about Keith, check back next week… it could be all about YOU!


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