Stand up for Jesus? What if I want to sit down?

This is going to be short and sweet….

I hate it when I go to a church and they say, “stand up to receive your blessings.”  I am more of a passive worshipper and prefer to kind of sit and meditate on what’s happening.  If the spirit moves me, I clap, stand up or do whatever but I don’t think God is somewhere saying, “LaKesha didn’t stand up on Sunday at 11:29am when Rev. Soandso commanded so I’m holding back her blessings for today.”  I believe that we all have our own worship styles and I would really appreciate it if worship leaders would respect that. 

I concede that there are times during the service when it is appropriate to stand up, sit down, walk around or whatever but I don’t believe doing these things is a condition of me receiving the blessings God has in store for me.  I mean, seriously, what if someone killed their mother then came to church and stood up cause Rev. Soandso said so while I was out feeding the hungry prior to service.  Under this line of thinking, Billy Killer is going to get blessed while I… what?  What is supposedly going to be my punishment for sitting down?

Just needed to get that off my chest.  Have a blessed day!


9 thoughts on “Stand up for Jesus? What if I want to sit down?

  1. Tracey Burnett says:

    Once again, you’re on point. People in this church I know are so narrowminded. If they said, for instance, that all you had to do is admit before a witness that you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and you’d be saved, then no problem. It’s done. But noooooooo!!! Instead, a church I won’t mention wants you to go to the altar, get on your knees, clap your hands 1000 mph, and call on the name of Jesus until you foam at the mouth in order to be saved. Literally! They say that the yellow mucous is the devil’s spirit being cleansed from your body. That’s absurd! There’s no way I’m ever going to do that. Funny thing is, the other paritioners who have participated in this foolishness think that you don’t want to because you’re “ashamed of the Lord.” What? Give me a break! The problem is that I think that mess is nonsense and embarrassing. They don’t even realize how many members and potential members they’ve driven away because of this one thing. Sad. You touched a nerve with this one.

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    • I thought being told to stand up was extreme. Yellow muscus… yuck! I hope I don’t have any yellow muscus or I guess that means I have already been cleansed… lol
      Thanks, Tracey. I am glad I was able to get your blood pumping with this post 🙂


  2. Me and my husband have had this same discussion a million times, lol and I am sooo glad somebody somewhere else is having it too and can relate. I too was a passive worshiper, mainly due to being brought up going to a Church of Christ where praising in a manner other than clapping was frowned upon. As I got older I transitioned from Church of Christ to Baptist where openly praising and worshiping was not only accepted, but encouraged. But I wasn’t ready right off the bat to shout, dance, and stand up to worship. I needed time to ween myself into that. I now know what pastors are trying to convey when they do this, but it should not be done in a manner that makes others feel uncomfortable when they choose to worship in their own way. I really appreciate the honesty and sincerity of this post as I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people who feel the same way. 🙂

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  3. @Tracy, OMG that’s so crazy!

    But yeah, Lakesha, like you, I am a passive worshipper, so I totally get this post. At the church I attend, they generally don’t ask you to do anything like shout or run around or something, but I have been to churches where they do that.

    I feel that people should be able to worship in any manner they want and not feel like they’re doing it wrong.

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  4. Denisha Dunn says:

    I would just like to say thank you to everyone on this topic. I am a passive worshiper and I thought I was the only one who felt this way. A Huge thanks to everyone.

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  5. Erika Kimbrough says:

    I’m like you Lakesha!! We don’t have to stand up, jump, shout, slob out the mouth, etc to receive God’s blessings!! I wouldn’t say I’m a “passive worshipper”, though. I worship God actively: singing,praying,giving,communion,& listening to preaching!! That’s what Christians are commanded to do!! To be honest, God commands us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth…John 4:24 “In truth” means according to His word..John 17:17. “In spririt” means in the right frame of mind & with sincerity….Joshua 24:14 I have been a member of the church of Christ for over 4 yrs & I enjoy worship!! We sing a capella & don’t do all the “hooping & hollering”. It was different for me @ first. I grew up in the Pentecostal church, so you know it was different!!!! But I want to worship the way God says to. We can’t tamper with worship. Learn from Nadab’s & Abidu’s mistake of tampering with worship…Leviticus 10:1-2

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