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Countdown to 2010

“Some years I make a long list of things that I want to accomplish and some years I don’t even bother.  However, what I have noticed is “failing to plan is a plan to fail.”

Living a Life of Thanks

“We foolishly think that we have an unlimited number of opportunities to say the things we need to say and to do the things we should be doing every day.  However, the reality is that our days are numbered and we don’t have the schedule.”

The Failure of Trickle Down Economics

“This artificial wealth lead people to buy houses, cars and other items that they could not truly afford to keep up with the Jones.  The Jones, contrary to popular opinion, are not your neighbors who are also heavily leveraged but the ones you see effortlessly spending money using their American Express instead of Visa or MasterCard.  They were the ones with a savings account and retirement account versus just having a checking account that barely covers your expenses.”

The Reality of Being Uninsured in America

“The reality of being uninsured in America escapes many of the people with the power to help those who need it. Not only are most people who need insurance unable to march on Washington because they are working one or more jobs but they often don’t understand how capitalism is able to wield its influence over our political system. They have placed their faith in a system that has no interest in helping them or protecting their rights.”

Each one, teach one

“It seems like the people most often taking advantage of mentoring programs already have a leg up on the competition because they know what they don’t know (that they need a mentor) and how to get to it (seek out a professional such as yourself). However, I am suggesting that we reach out to those who might not even know what a mentor is.”

The Time Value of Life

“A friend once asked me to do something and I simply responded, “I don’t have time.” He quickly corrected me and said, “It’s not that you don’t have time, it’s just not that important to you.” This statement stopped me dead in my tracks because I realized that he was right.”


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