It’s all about… Tee Banks

Teremy Banks, CEO of Banks Entertainment Group & Affiliate Broker with Crye-Leike Realtors

Today it is all about Teremy (Tee) Banks.  Teremy, as I have always called him, and I went to Vanderbilt together.  He reminds me of that friend that everyone has… always networking and do things that most people only dream of.  From the outside looking in, he makes it look so effortless but as a business owner, I know how hard it is to build a brand and a successful network.  You are always “on” because people watch every move that you make.  However, Teremy is one of those people who will be the same person at an event, in the boardroom and on the golf course.

I don’t know much about the details of Teremy’s endeavors but I know that he is well-respected, throws great events and he works hard. 

Right now he hosts events that have lines around the block and I am sure there are many who think they can do what he is doing  with the ease that he emits.  But what they don’t know is Teremy built this massive network from the ground up.  Years ago, he wasn’t too proud to go out to Applebee’s while everyone was enjoying happy hour and put flyers on people’s cars advertising his next event (before the internet became so popular). 

He isn’t afraid to ask for your business or tell you what he wants.  He is the kind of man many of our young men need to meet.  He knows what it means to work hard and handle your business but he also takes the time to play hard (and create an environment for others to enjoy with him).

If you are ever in Nashville, this is the man to see…

  • Tee Banks Homes: Tee provides a personal touch when helping clients find a home that fits their needs
  • First Friday Nashville: This is a signature event that has Tee’s name written all over it, sign up to be on their VIP list for exclusive invitations to the city’s hottest events
  • Join over 3,000 people who have connected with Tee on Facebook

Thanks for taking time to learn more about my friend, Teremy.  Come back next week, it could be all about you!


One thought on “It’s all about… Tee Banks

  1. Jessica Rich says:

    He’s not a bad realtor. He sold me my home and made sure it was exactly what I wanted. I interviewed countless realtors who had YEARS of experience in the Nashville area but none of them compared to Tee.

    Great article!


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