Success Secret #7

Create the life you want to live

When I was younger, the holidays were all about observing the traditions that my family had established and spending time with them doing what they were accustomed to doing.  However, as I grow older and am now building a family of my own, I realize that I have a choice.

A choice? Yes, I have a choice as to how I spend my time and which traditions will become a part of my family.  In the past, family meant those people related to you by blood but as I have grown and met some wonderful people whose role in my life transcends mere friendship, I consider them a part of my family and worthy of inclusion in my holiday festivities.  I feel confident in creating my own traditions.

This holds true not only during the holidays but with everyday of my life.  We all go through things in our past that make us hesitant to venture out and try new things but life is an opportunity to create something wonderful and exciting.  Acknowledge your past, learn from and move forward.  The holidays are a time to celebrate those new traditions and persons in your life that mean the most.

Success secret #7…  create the life you want to live.  You don’t have to rely on your past or those around you to dictate the type of life you will live.  Find joy and assurance in the fact that each day is yours to make the most of or do the least with.

Leave me a comment describing how you have deviated from your family’s traditions to create your own.


2 thoughts on “Success Secret #7

  1. I love this philosophy and try to live it. We are not our past. We can learn from it or we can choose to linger in it, letting yesterday rob us of today. Tomorrow is a pretty exciting prospect if we are open to letting it be.


  2. The one tradition that stands out most for me is growing up my grandmother would allow me to stay up until midnight to open one gift. i wanted to do this with my children, but they aren’t interested in staying up that late. We actually don’t have any holiday traditions established at this point and I’m not all that pressed to start. I enjoy being able to spend time with my family and whatever we decide to do in the moment is great, because we did it together.


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