All about Jamaal…


Jamaal Finkley, CEO of BlackTree Enterprises, Inc.

I have been waiting all week to write this article.  Jamaal is the mastermind behind BlackTree Enterprises, Inc. 

Jamaal and I met while we were attending Vanderbilt.  I won’t say we were studying together because I don’t honestly ever remember us studying.  We were both young and driven and not really feeling the conventional college experience.  We had kindred entrepreneural spirits and didn’t mind working hard so that we could play even harder.  We both still maintain that attitude.

In college I can still remember Jamaal talking about BlackTree and all of the dreams that he had for his company.  I’m sure a lot of people thought it was a joke but I could see the drive in his eyes because he was always hustling to make his vision a reality.  Even though we lost contact many times over the years, whenever we reconnected he was always still pushing BlackTree forward.

Last week, BlackTreeTV celebrated a quarter billion (250,000) viewers on their YouTube channel.  This may not seem like much to those not involved with social media and networking but it takes A LOT of marketing, grinding, hustling, blood, sweat and tears to amass such a following if you are not a major corporation with workers dedicated specifically to that task. 

Words can barely express how proud I am of him, not just for achieving this milestone but for sticking with a dream that I am sure many have told him was impossible.  HIs dream embodies the kind of brand management that Harvard MBAs spend thousands of dollars to learn, his ability to budget on little to no budget would astound many top CFOs but his passion to make his dream a reality could not be taught, bought or sold.

As they say, behind every great man is a great woman and Jamaal is not exception.  He is married to Lydia and they have three children.  She has to be a great woman because they have been together for many years… I will leave it at that 🙂

Show some love for Jamaal Finkley, CEO of BlackTree Enterprises, Inc.

Thank you for showing love to my friend and a great businessman.  By the way, he’s always looking for potential investors.  Don’t forget to come back next week, it could be all about… you!


3 thoughts on “All about Jamaal…

  1. Congratulations Jamaal! I commend you… It is amazing how entrepreneurs can start as “collegepreneurs” or sprout a “dormroom” businesses… Look at Google and Yahoo! Cheers to your success..


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