Success Secret #5

How many times have you heard, “if you don’t ask, you won’t receive?”  Even if it wasn’t this exact phrase, there are many variations floating around that have been shared in almost every social circle because there is so much truth to this statement.

There are many things in life that we want but often we are afraid to stand up and ask for them.  We are afraid of seeming greedy or selfish.  Sometimes we even fear others knowing our desires because they may judge us based on those wants.  There are even some people who won’t ask for what they want because their pride won’t let them, they see it as a sign of weakness.

For example, in relationships we are often afraid to stand up and say “I want to get married” in fear of our mate turning us down.  So, we spend years in a relationship hoping and praying that the other person figures it out.  At our jobs we are afraid to say “I want a raise or a promotion” because we don’t want to find out that we are not as valuable to our organization as we think.  Instead we think if we work hard enough, put in enough hours and do all of the right things, someone will notice and grant us ascension to the throne.  We even fear telling a friend or family member when we want them to treat us better because we don’t want to lose them from our lives.  When they don’t sense our needs, we just roll with it because we think it comes with the territory.

Instead of standing tall and asking for what we want, we try to send signals or leave clues.  To be successful, in your personal or professional life, you have to work hard and ask for what you want.  However, you have to be prepared not only to receive what you are asking for but also be prepared to find out that you can’t have it.  It may be that your mate isn’t ready for marriage or you need an advanced degree to move to the next level on your job.  Rather than being afraid of hearing the truth, you should embrace it and use the knowledge to continue striving toward what you want.  Many times the thing that we fear most and think will break us, is not as scary once we face it and it will make you stronger. 

Success secret #5:  No one is ever just going to give you what you want.  You have to work hard, be brave and ask for it.  If you don’t see immediate results, change your strategy and try again. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you have been afraid to ask for but will now stand tall and ask…


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