All about Sylvia…

Sylvia Browder

Expert Business Coach/Consultant Sylvia Browder

This week I am profiling one of my really good friends, Sylvia Browder

She is one of the most driven and hard-working women entrepreneurs that I have ever met.  She is constantly encouraging other females to live their passion and to be the best that they can be in all areas of their life.  She a devoted wife and mother of five kids yet manages to always find time to help other people.

I met Sylvia when she was facilitating her “Coffee with Sylvia” workshops at the Evergreen/ Conecuh County Chamber of Commerce.  We quickly connected because we speak the same language of giving practical business advice.  We share several common addictions: Facebook, our BlackBerrys and laptops and our love for Moscoto wine.

Please check out her web pages and show your support for a phenomenal woman.

  • Minority Women on the Rise: this group is taking off beause Sylvia provides excellent business tips for minority women looking to start and grow success businesses
  • Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs:  read great articles to motivate you to be your best self; don’t forget to subscribe to her newletter and receive these articles in your inbox
  • Twitter: get inspiring quotes and links to very useful information
  • LinkedIn:  successful people connect with other successful people

This week was all about Sylvia… come back next week and see who I will be profiling, it may be you!


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