Success Secret #4

Having patience is one of my weaknesses.  I like for everything to happen at the speed of light. 

As a woman, we all know that the greatest test of our patience is going to the hair salon.  At one point, I had a stylist that could do my hair (wash, set and style) in one hour flat.  I thought I was in love.  I think she caught on to the local culture here and now she is just as slow as everyone else.

So…to keep me from being the chick sitting in the waiting area constantly rolling my eyes or the one walking around with jacked up hair because I am boycotting all slow stylist…I decided to make my salon visits my opportunity to catch up on my reading.  I bring my own magazines or books that just sit around wondering why I wasted money buying them and put them to good use.

Success Secret #4:  Patience is a virtue…if yours hasn’t developed work on increasing your productivity during your waiting spells.


One thought on “Success Secret #4

  1. I know what you are talking about with going to the hair salon. I have been in one for 4 hours one time. It can be frustrating, but you are right that it’s all a way of practicing patience. Great post and I love the example.


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