Guide to wine glasses

It seems that as we get older, drinking wine becomes cooler.  I prefer drinking wine, especially in social settings, because it is less tempting to down the whole glass.  Wine is best when sipped so that the flavor can be enjoyed.  There are also many types of wines that can be paired with a variety of meals.  It also goes well with conversation because there is so much small talk that can be created around a glass of wine.

This week we are going to focus on which wine glass goes with which type of wine.  There are always exceptions to the rule but this should serve as a general guide.  Come back next week for a break down on the types of wines and which foods they should be paired with.

wine glasses

So, which glasses go with which drinks (left to right)?

  • Water glasses are full body glasses with short stems. You should hold the glass by its stem to keep your beverage cool.
  • Brandy snifters should be rolled between both hands and then cupped in one hand. As you warm the glass, it will bring out the flavor (bouquet) of the brandy.
  • White wine is served in slightly smaller glasses with a wider bowl to capture the bouquet. You should hold this glass by the stem also to keep the wine chilled.
  • Burgundy red/ Pinot Noirs are served in glasses with a wider bowl to bring out their complexity. You may notice that the glass is also taller than the white wine glass.
  • A champagne glass uses a narrow fluted glass to reduce the wine’s surface and keep bubbles from dissipating.
  • The red wine glass is the larger of the wine glasses and should be held at the bottom of the bowl.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite wine. 

Mine?   Beringer Moscato, Chateau St. Michelle Reisling and Barefoot Merlot


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